Anybody thinking about venturing in to Duathlon or Triathlon

I have started duathlons too as I hate swimming @Flatflr ! I entered my first one at the beginning of August as part of the Mid Week Duathlon Series at the Cyclopark in Gravesend, Kent.

They run 5 in a series from May to September. As well as other tri and duathlons. However, I was only really ready for the last two in August and September. They start in May - so this year I can *hopefully* (injury permitting) enter all fve!

I have a faster, better road bike this year (getting faster tyres too!!) and I am really trying to improve on my intervals training by road running and treadmill.....the organisers at the event and some of the competitors have been so helpful with tips and stuff - it really is great. I just hope I can be injury free (especially with my back!) to start them as I mean to go on


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I have my first sprint triathlon on Sunday..... a bit nervous :wacko:


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Good luck, don’t get flustered, it’s fun at the end of the day and a few extra seconds to compose yourself in transitions will enhance your experience.
I’ve tried to rush transitions for a quick get away and ended up costing more time in the long run by dropping things and such.


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Well happy with just under1 hour 19 mins :smile: ..... over the moon.
Swim needs improving.... 14 and a half minutes.
5k run at 22 mins was a very pleasant surprise after the swim and cycle :okay:
I took your advice Tritom and took my time in transitions.... cheers.... it helped
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