Hello... wish I could run again!


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I used to do a lot of running, starting with competing nationally as a teenager (my school, Malet Lambert, was the only school in the National Young Athletics League), then in the RAF where I won a couple of trophies, despite athletics in the RAF in the '80s being like getting blood out of a stone.

I've done half marathons plus the London Marathon in 2007. I always relied on being able to run to clear my head or simply for the joy of it.

I started road cycling in 2010 and found I was rarely running; I have tried several times to get back into it but it no longer feels natural. Cycling is tolerant of folks in their 50s carrying a few excess pounds, whereas running isn't...

The situation now is I have a right foot/ankle/achilles injury that hasn't properly been diagnosed. I had a few sessions with an NHS physio in 2019 but she admitted to having no idea what the problem was, and told me she would consult with more foot-specialising colleagues, but obviously Physiotherapy isn't currently a thing. Personally I think I need an X-ray.

I wish I could sprint again. I did an unofficial 10.9s for 100m at age 17 and I still feel I could sprint, if only my ankle would allow it!

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