Need some advice regarding knee injury


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I will try and keep it short. Basically about a month ago had pain on lateral side of left knee that felt sharp to the point where I had to take two weeks off. Pain subsided so went back to it only to pull up short half a mile on first run back with clicking/snapping feeling in same spot mid run. Physically couldnt walk for 2 days and couldn't bend knee, swelling on left side. Fast forward 4 weeks and whilst it is a lot better knee is still painful to touch on lateral side right next to knee cap and right under knee on patella tendon. Been to hospital they think its patella tendonitis and have had x-ray examination by knee specialist but no mri. I know I need to listen to them but have had friends who run and had tendonitis and haven't had the burning pain on lateral side of knee only patella tendon. So any advice would be appreciated cheers.
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